To install the Agua del cielo SafeWater system you require either the ADC 10, 20 or 30 litre filter system. The components to complete your system could vary. What you normally require;

From our factory:
The ADC SafeWater system, Number 1 in the picture.

From our local Reseller / ISM provider:
Rainwater storage tank, Number 4 in the picture.
Rainwater filter, Number 5 in the picture.
Pressure hose, Number 6 in the picture.
Submersible pump, Number 7 in the picture
Expansion vessel, Number 9 in the picture
Level measurement with replenishment unit, Number 10 in the picture.
Replenishment line to the tank, Number 11 in the picture.
Expansion tank for pressure stroke pump, Number 12 in the picture.

You can also request an proposal. Provide us with some basic information on the roof surface, gutters, nearby surfaces. If you have a drawing of your development or excisting house, resort or hotel, please send that to us.

Our Resellers & ISM providers have gutters, dust and debries filters for sale and are able to construct the Rainwater storage tank according to our specifications. Shipping a collection tank and those gutters, dust and debries filters components are not included as you can imagine that purchasing that localy is much more economic. Of course our sales teams will support you.