Bringing you drinking water from the sky

Bringing you drinking water from the sky

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With the SafeWater system™ you can make your own drinking water from rainwater. This intelligent system ensures 99,99% micro biologically safe water.

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SafeWater system™

Due to climate change, we are faced with erratic rainfall patterns, with increasingly frequent periods of shortage of rainwater and periods of excessive rainfall. In addition, the supply of sufficient drinking water is coming under pressure due to the excessive depletion, drying out and pollution of underground sources and river water. An important part of the solution is to use rainwater. The SafeWater system offers you a sustainable solution.


With the SafeWater system we bring you sustainable water in your home, office, neighbourhood, resort or hotel


The filtered, soft water does not cause any limescale deposits, thus reducing the maintenance costs of your appliances and requiring less use of soaps, detergents and cleaning products

Proven & tested

The SafeWater system is a proven and WHO-certified technology: sound, reliable and safe


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We have selected some of the main questions with regards to our SafeWater system.

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