We will create your perfect off-grid solution, customized to your needs

Our ‘Rainwater to drinking water system’ is just one of several options to help you get your household or commercial properties become fully self sustainable and off-grid.

No situation is alike

Whether you are facing sky rocketing energy prices, have an urgent need for affordable water due to scarcity caused by drought or excessive ground water use, or simply want to become more sustainable: our global team of specialists will provide the technical support to assure your energy demand is covered.

Strong, reliable partners

For this purpose, Agua del Cielo works together with partner ASIFF Trading and our mother company Costa Renewables. Together, we provide bespoke off-grid solutions to suit every need. Agricultural, industrial, private home owners, luxury bungalows or estates, hotels and resorts, and mobile self-sufficient set-up for, among others, disaster relief efforts: all benefit from our customized solutions. We provide our equipment via high quality, and service minded resellers globally.

Solar panels, wind turbines & batteries

Costa Renewables is your partner for high-quality, high-efficiency solar panels and lithium or dry batteries and/or rural or industry grade wind turbine generators.

Sewage solutions

Our partner ASIFF Trading delivers natural black water sewage solutions.


Interested to learn more about (one of) our off-grid solutions and want to have a look? Call us directly or send us a message via whatsapp ( NL 0617166000 ) or our contact form and we will get in touch with you.